Our story


From a young age, Lucy's dream was to have a career doing something she loved. At school, she came up various fun and colourful ‘products’ that she'd sell to friends and family, including a self-published cake cookbook (this will be important later), a range of greetings cards, band merch, jewellery… the list was endless but had one thing in common: everything was created & designed by her.

After securing a place at London College of Fashion, a couple of months in, she decided that fashion wasn’t for her and transferred to a Graphic Design course at London College of Communication. While living in London, she took on a part time job at an independent handbag shop called Ollie & Nic to fund her expanding wardrobe and expensive hipster restaurant addiction. After two years, she deferred her degree to work full-time at Ollie & Nic design department where she became fascinated with this exciting idea of designing your own products and selling them in a shop and online. Still with an uncontrollable wardrobe and even more hipster food popping up in London, Lucy also took on a part-time job at the iconic Lazy Oaf and a work placement at ad agency Leo Burnett to learn as much as she could about the phenomenon of building a creative brand.

In 2010, the first episode of The Great British Bake-Off was aired and this took Lucy’s creative passion in a whole new direction. That self-published cake 'cookbook' resurfaced thanks to the help of Tumblr, Lucy would reignite her love for cooking and share it with the blogger scene. During the many long evenings of decorating biscuits to look like beach huts, she found that chocolate was becoming a firm favourite to work with and she wanted to know more. Her mum & dad quickly got roped in and with their help, the concept of Creighton’s Chocolaterie was created. Things escalated and caught up in the excitement of something great, in May 2011 Lucy and Andrea (Mum) suddenly had the keys to a shop on their local high street… and that’s where it all began!

Lucy now heads up the creative side of Creighton’s, designing each range, packaging and branding. She lives locally in Leighton Buzzard with her husband, daughter and dog. @lucycreightons



Growing up in a northern seaside town in the 70s, Andrea filled her school holidays with walking donkeys along the beach and helping out in seafront bn’bs whilst enjoying northern treats such as school custard, sticky toffee pudding and traditional sweets.

She moved to London in the 80’s and, whilst working in retail for Marks & Spencer (amongst others), supplemented her childhood love for dance with the fashion wave of aerobics classes. Over the next decade she continued to work freelance as an aerobics instructor whilst bringing up her 3 children and managing her husband’s flooring business. She also indulged her love for cooking, practising recipes from chef’s books, religiously watching Masterchef and coming up with creative meal ideas for dinner with friends. She would impart this knowledge on her children (some more successfully than others!). In 2008 after many years of working in fitness, Andrea qualified as a Pilates instructor and this became her main job for the next few years. With grown up children and more time on her hands, she looked forward to a slower pace of life, until eldest daughter Lucy came to her with an idea about some chocolate bars…

Andrea now manages the Creighton’s factory and production team, making sure that each and every one of our products tastes and looks amazing.