In store specials!

Why not take a visit to our Chocolaterie in Bedfordshire - it's where the magic happens! Our little shop opened back in 2011 and currently serves as both a shop and our kitchen. As well as being the home of our entire chocolate range, we also serve up some in-store specials that you can't buy online...
Ice Cream
Our Ice Cream is hand-made by our chief Ice Creamist Lewis and is frozen on site using our trusty Italian batch freezer. Our Ice Cream is awesome because it is made as it should be using fresh & real ingredients. Unlike some other Gelato or Soft Serve ice cream (it's cheap because it's full of rubbish!), we blend a base of Organic milk, free range egg yolks and fair trade sugar with our exciting flavours to make a very special treat. Our flavours change from week to week (they don't hang around for long!) and are served from May - late September every year. 
Hot Chocolate
When it's too cold for Ice Cream we offer a more melty version! Our Hot Chocolate is made fresh every morning in the kitchen using our recipe of fresh whole milk, dark chocolate and fair trade sugar. It's thick, creamy and very indulgent! Available from around October - mid March.
Our brownie is served in big chunky pieces - it's moist, dense and dark, just how it should be! Baked by our chocolatiers to a secret recipe, our brownie is available everyday and is a much-loved favourite of our customers.
Specials & one-offs
If you visit regularly you'll find that we sometimes have special flavours or designs available in store only. Sometimes we like to try out new things before they make the cut and we rely on honest feedback from customers to make sure everything is top-notch. We may also have limited edition flavours in our Truffle Cabinet from time to time so keep your eyes open on your next visit.
What else?
  • We run workshops and parties in our kitchen, click here for more info
  • To find out where our shop is and our opening times, please click here.